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Jesus Christ


stop romanticizing unhealthy relationships.

stop thinking you can change someone. you can’t. they need to change for themselves.

stop romanticizing the idea of you two being together some day. if it isn’t happening now, let it go. 

no more pouring your heart out for someone who gives you little to no reciprocation. 

find someone who values your long letters and passionate attempts. this person will reciprocate, with twice as much fire.

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When you find someone you love, please hold on to them and never let go. Don’t let your own insecurities get in the way. If you feel that this person genuinely cares for you or loves you, then trust this person enough to leave yourself vulnerable.
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Now accepting sugar daddy applications

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Does it bother anyone else that there are parts of your life you don’t remember? You have done and said things that you don’t even know about anymore. That means you don’t even have the right perception of yourself because you don’t even fully know who you are. However, something that you’ve forgotten about could be a prominent memory in somebody else’s mind. It trips me out.


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Even in the most peaceful surroundings the angry heart finds a quarrel. Even in the most quarrelsome surroundings the grateful heart finds peace.
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9/19/14 - Vanessa Hudgens out in West Hollywood.
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If you’re with her and wish you were
elsewhere then leave. One of the
cruelest things you can do is make a person
feel like home when to you they’re only
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Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Mood Week.. Loving it all.

Such a beautiful series.

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